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Over 100,000 people inspired LIVE in Corporate Events and Conferences.
2x TEDx speaker with viral videos on platforms like  Power of Positivity 

Giving Back - It's all about Purpose!

100% of all profits from speaking engagements will go towards building libraries

Sultan is on mission to build 100 libraries with his own hands and has completed 25 in 9 countries so far. See this incredible movement at www.libraryinaweek.com. He is also the CEO of Experience Your Life Expo (one of the largest empowerment events in Canada). 


Why Book Sultan for Your Next Event ?

For 17 years, Sultan was a corporate executive in organisations like Microsoft/IBM and delivered 1 billion+ in consulting revenue to 100+ enterprises . He understands expectations of tier-1 organisations.


Sultan is the CEO of two award winning companies. He understand the business context and delivers his key message with impact and humor to engage the audience.

Award Winning CEO

Sultan has taken the stage to make a real difference. Each speech is authentic as it comes from his heart and resonates with the audience at a deep level. It helps them unleash their individual and organisational potential


Sultan was recognized in the Top Ten Global Changemakers list by The Introducer Magazine. He has delivered numerous keynotes in 2018 at iconic industry conferences, events and corporate meetings.


If a boy who could not afford any books can build libraries, then any individual and organisation, can do anything. The heartfelt story empowers to the soul!  It is not about him, it is about the audience.


Sultan is trusted by some of the most iconic organizations in Canada. His Commencement Speech at Sheridan College Convocation focused on living with purpose was considered one of the best ever.


Sultan takes the stage to fund his libraries. By joining hands, you are directly making a difference! He has build 23 libraries in 7 countries with his own hands and local volunteers. See www.libraryinaweek.com

Giving Back

Sultan uses his voice as a extension of his purpose in life to make a real difference.  To truly empower people. To make a real difference in the hearts and minds of his audience so they can unleash their potential.



Author of "Boy in the Library"

This book has impacted numerous lives. It is a practical guide to help you connect with your purpose.  It is the true story of a boy how could not afford any books, who is now the man on the mission to build 100 libraries. Available on Amazon worldwide.

100% of all royalties will go towards building libraries.

Proud Father of the Youngest Social Entrepreneurs in Canada!

When you live to make a difference, the first life you change is your own. Inspired by the message he shares in his speeches, his own daughters decided to take action. His daughters aged 7 and 9 launched their own social entrepreneurship to make a real difference in the world. See their blog "How Our Dream Came True" and visit their website at www.twosistersonamission.com




Picture Gallery of Events and Projects

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